Hottest IT Jobs in Retail, Media and Financial Services in 2012

Curious what the top IT jobs are in YOUR industry? See which technologies are hot and what the tech market is moving away from. Follow our blog series to know the demands coming down the pipe for Retail, Financial Services, and more.

March 1, 2012

According to our recently release annual IT Salary Guide, the demand for niche technology skill sets and the salaries have increased across the board. While many top technologies and skill sets are popular regardless of industry, the subtle differences can be a window into your industries’ priorities.

Find yourself wondering how peers in YOUR specific industry are really spending their IT Staffing dollars? We’ve taken a deep dive into thousands of data points in our annual IT Salary Guide and the 2012 Technology Outlook to discover industry specific trends for Retail, Financial Services, Media, and more. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share the nitty gritty details and bring expert vertical insight from our team in the field.

In 2012, IT managers in all industries will experience the challenge of hiring and retaining top tech talent according to our IT Salary Guide. From a technology standpoint, successful enterprises in every industry will need to balance two competing demands: keeping the technology portfolio simple and understanding the value of user experience.

- Michael Kirven, Co-founder of Bluewolf

Here are some of the key findings by industry:

Financial Services: While many Financial Services companies deliver sophisticated consumer experiences, their emphasis is on creating and maintaining back-end systems, security and data management.
Top FinServ Job 2012: Salesforce Developer: $97,000 - $161,000

Media: Media is known to fill positions in twice as many different technologies as Financial Services because they are at the forefront in hiring front-end developers for their distribution systems. They are in the key markets for Cloud computing, Mobile, Ajax, PHP, Flash, and UI developers.
Top Media Job 2012: PHP Developer at $93,000 - $159,000

Retail: Retail companies are much heavier users of SAP and Business Intelligence. However, Retail is focused on security as business demands move to eCommerce and mobile commerce. This year in particular we will see an increased demand for development into the mobile space. This, in turn, brings a high demand for application and mobile developers.
Top Retail Job 2012: eCommerce Analyst at $108,000 - $146,000

Takeaway: As technology continues to grow, those that are certified and knowledgeable on these specialities have become sparse. Your main concern should be finding and retaining the top talent that you need. But one’s needs and demands vary depending on the industry. Staff Smarter. Know what your infrastructure needs are and what those niche tech guys are worth.

Follow our blog series to continue the in-depth discussion of each industry’s IT infrastructure and the salary demands of each top position in Retail, Media, Financial Services and more.

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